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Old July 1st, 2017, 11:09 PM
Very good news indeed, especially the part about the next HL version. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by Azhrei View Post

You've not been in a modern corporate America data center in awhile, have you? Many of the companies that I provide training for (I can't name them, but let's just say "Fortune 100 firms") are no longer distributing Windows-based machines to employees but are instead providing MacBook Pros. Primarily, I think it's because of the Unix-based operating system, more than anything else, but I guess you'd have to ask their CIOs to be certain.

I use a MBP because I can get commercial apps for it (Adobe Acrobat Pro, TurboTax) that I can't get for Linux, otherwise my entire office would be Linux. Long live KDE!
Not to mention the fact that a Mac can cross boot into Windows, and Apple has been pretty consistantly winning "Best Windows Laptop" from PC Magazine for years...

Seriously though, with a Mac I get OS X, Windows, and a 'nix... two of those things are not as easily true with a Windows OEM laptop.
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