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Daniel V
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Old August 17th, 2022, 10:47 AM
A bunch more bug fixes this week and some Vault improvements.

Important Highlights

PF2 - AC on the Play tab now has a button to open a window where situational modifiers can be applied, including Raising a Shield.
Vault Viewer - Added the ability to search/filter for different types of things (e.g. spells, actions, feats, etc.) like tags

The Nitty Gritty

Bug Fixes
Vault Viewer - Fixed abilities missing their action icons
Vault Viewer - Fixed searches not showing any results initially after reloading the browser page
Vault Viewer - Fixed past searches interfering with expected browser back button usage
Vault Viewer - Fixed table search results sometimes having a blank title
Vault Viewer - Fixed lag in UI responsiveness when jumping to certain items in the content (e.g. some search results, and items in the glossary)
PF2 - An alchemist who had only selected one of their two allowed signature items would not get the increased batch size for the one choice that had been made.
PF2 - The oracle's Curse of Torrential Knowledge was applying a circumstance penalty instead of an untyped penalty to initiative.
PF2 - A summoner using the Automatic Bonus Progression rule was not sharing those benefits with their eidolon.
PF2 - Eidolons were displaying spells on the Play tab when no such spells had been granted by their form or abilities.
PF2 - The Mind Smith Dedication's mind weapon was not appearing on the Play tab.
PF2 - The Mind Smith archetype's Mind Projectiles feat was not using the character's weapon proficiency for its ranged attack.
PF2 - Companions from Beastmaster Dedication were not gaining options from the Incredible or Specialized Beastmaster Companion feats.
PF2 - The ghost, skeletal servant, vampiric animal, and zombie animal companions were each showing two places to set their starting size.
PF2 - The beetle, horse, camel, and legchair animal companions are now chosen as single ancestries, rather than one Large and one Medium, with their starting size is selected after adding the ancestry.
PF2 - The Scholar of the Sky Key background was not providing any ability boosts.
PF2 - The Automatic Bonus Progression table was not showing up on the My Classes tab until the character was reloaded.
PF2 - The Attachments table was not displaying to add weapons to wheelchairs.
PF2 - The clockwork cloak was applying a bonus to initiative instead of a penalty when in standby.
PF2 - Melee attacks that used an ability score other than Strength for damage, such as finesse weapons used by a rogue with the Thief racket, were still taking damage penalties from the enfeebled condition.
PF2 - In some cases, the breakdown of attack and damage bonuses on weapons could show +0 modifiers that were not real changes.
PF2 - Abilities with additional choices to add, such as the Deity's Domain or Domain Initiate feats, weren't able to add those choices when added via the Added Abilities table.
PF2 - The Ancestry Hit Points ability wasn't working correctly when added as a custom ability.
SF - The envoy's Signature Weapon alternate class feature couldn't select a solarian weapon crystal.
SF - The envoy's Spell Gem Understanding improvisation wasn't allowing the use of spell gems.
SF - The mechanics's Spell Chip Understanding trick wasn't allowing the use of spell chips.
SF - The mystic's Mystic Reach alternate class feature was not printing on the character sheet.
SF - The nanocyte's Regeneration faculty was changing the ability score modifier used for Medicine before the ability to do so had been gained.
SF - The operative's Death Strike exploit now has an activation to apply its effects to your unarmed strike.
SF - The operative's Pistol Whip exploit now has an activation to apply its effects to your unarmed strike.
SF - The operative's Pistol Whip exploit's summary was for the wrong ability.
SF - The nanocyte Obliteration faculty's Unstoppable Nanites ability was not adding Boost and Penetrating to nanocyte array weapons.
SF - Esotericist technomancers were unable to choose Archaic Upgrade and Fusion Integration as magic hacks.
SF - The vanguard's Entropy Shield discipline now allows the addition of a shield.
SF - The vanguard's Swift Antagonize discipline had an incorrect level requirement.
SF - The witchwarper's Eldritch Secret paradigm shift now has a table to choose the selected spell.
SF - The witchwarper's Shifting Offensive paradigm no longer reports an error if a weapon has not been selected, since you may have altered an ally's weapon.
SF - Archetypes that replaced stellar revelations gained at more than a single level were reporting an error.
SF - The android's Infosphere Integration alternate racial trait's ability summary was showing the information for the Multilingual ability.
SF - The shirren's Individual Obsession alternate racial trait was applying both bonuses when the chosen skill was a class skill at first level.
SF - The skittermander's Curious alternate racial trait wasn't able to select custom professions.
SF - Witchwyrds were not showing as having four arms.
SF - The guard theme's Able Guardian ability was applying its effects before 12th level.
SF - The Reality Glimmer feat was not granting the correct number of spells.
SF - A "Money" item is now shown on the Miscellaneous Gear table, which can be moved into containers, or to the Elsewhere location, so that the bulk of UPB added through the journal can be moved off the hero.
SF - Weapon critical DCs are now shown in the weapon details.
SF - The embed critical hit effect couldn't have its damage set when it was added to a custom weapon.
SF - Weapon fusions that change half of a weapon's damage into another type, like flaming, could end up with three damage types on a weapon if more than one fusion of this sort was added to the same weapon.
SF - The potent weapon fusion wasn't adding to the DCs of weapon properties or criticals.
SF - Hoverskates were listed as 1st level instead of 8th.
SF - The forcepack was not granting a flight speed when activated.
SF - The maze mind graft was not adding bonuses to Piloting or Survival.
SF - The bayonet brackets attachments were not properly enforcing the listed restrictions on what weapons can be placed on them, and were allowing any weapon to be attached.
SF - The nanofiber grip modification was showing an error on small arms.
SF - Flechettes had an incorrect cost.
SF - The Multifold Industries manufacturer was not increasing an item's hardness and HP.
SF - A 6th-level polymorphic disguise spell was only granting 3 racial abilities instead of 4.
SF - Hireling boons were reporting incorrect prerequisite errors.
SF - The Resolve Points adjustment wasn't causing RP to be shown on NPCs.
SF - The descriptions for spell-like abilities weren't printing on the character sheet.
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