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Old December 28th, 2020, 02:41 PM
hi! trying to learn more editor stuff!

i'm creating a custom class mechanics that use points from a heavenly pool for pretty much every (su) ability, which most are based on spells.

(refer to attached image and see how i'm imagining tracking these points so far)


1a) some abilities (e.g. deceiver) has primary power + secondary spell-like power (again used as supernatural), so name of primary is shown as well as name of secondary, solely for visual reference (clicking on check box does nothing, i.e. no stats change in hl)

1b) ... certain abilities (e.g. healing touch) has same name, but spell-like power changes when hitting specific level; this also uses same display mechanics as in (1a) above

1c) ... while other abilities has only a single effect and it's directly tied to a specific spell, so only primary name (same as spell name) is shown

2) each has a display with amount of pt/use for reference and tracking; i may remove "pt/use" reference -- it seems unnecessary as i look at it more

3) many abilities shown in the image each requires 1 pt to use; however, others require 3 pts or 4 pts (the minimum 3-pt is displayed for wings of the angels)

4) smite has both a) point tracking, as well as b) effects mechanics when checkbox is selected; couldn't find a way to combine these into one section... yet


1) is it possible in editor to link the activation of any of these ability pt use to the heavenly pool pts total in the "tracked resources" -- via in the "charge information" section somewhere? or this needs to be scripted -- how?

in essence, when a point is used with any ability, it would automatically be deducted from and reflected in the pool total.

2) for abilities that use more than 1 pt, e.g. wings of the angel, how do i set it to deduct by multiple of 3 pts per use, and also reflect this in the pool total?

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