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Old September 25th, 2016, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by BoomerET View Post
So, I'll provide the hand-holding you're looking for.

1. Open the editor.
2. Create new file.
3. Click 'Race' tab.
4. Click 'New (Copy).
5. Choose something close to what you want, and make the appropriate changes.
6. Click 'Save'
Still unhelpful since, again, you're not specifying which .user file to open in the editor in the first place since that determines which "races" are available to copy from.

Not only that, but your "solution" is inaccurate. To do what I was asking about actually requires opening the COM races .user file (see, I actually mentioned the FILE that needs to be opened, because if you don't open the right file, then the things you're talking about being so easy to find in order to copy from, AREN'T THERE TO BE COPIED FROM), then creating a copy of the Half-Elf race, making a new identifier for it, deleting Skill Versatility from it, labelling it as something like "Half-Elf Variant", and then creating a SUBRACE that links to that race, for each individual variant, with the easiest way of doing so to copy the subrace entry with the desired trait, creating a new identifier for it, a new name to go in parentheses with it, deleting all the aspects of it that don't apply, then testing to see if it pops up as a subrace option when choosing the Half Elf Variant, and if it does, compiling, then saving the data file.

All of which is a far cry from, "Just copy it, you'll see."

Originally Posted by BoomerET View Post
So, I'll provide the hand-holding you're looking for.
Also unhelpful.

You want people to contribute to a community project and create a community, then don't act elitist and if you don't know the answer to something, don't answer pretending like you do.
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