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Old July 28th, 2017, 07:21 AM
Hey all,

Not sure if this is happening in all instances, but I reported a bug. Just wanted people to know about it in case it might be affecting players' sheets. Basically, in some circumstances at least, Skill Groups are not correctly raising the level of their component skills. So I can have Sorcery skill group at 6, for example, and yet my spellcasting pool is calculated as 2 (skill) + 6 (magic) = 8. When it should be 6 (skill) + 6 (magic) = 12.

I _THINK_ it's probably happening when more than one Life Module adds to the same skill group. Here's how I noticed it, so you can reproduce yourselves. Hopefully they'll patch it soon, but until then just a heads up so you can adjust manually if needed.


When using Life module creation, the skill calculation does not appear to be working properly. To reproduce -

1) Create new character with Life modules system

2) Select basics (I made an Elf, Full Magician)

3) Select Tir Tairngire Elves/Humans / White Collar / Magical Education (Magician) as modules. Select Sorcery and Conjuring groups for Magical Education.

4) Increase Magic rating to 6

5) Note the dice pool for Spellcasting - Spellcasting (1) + Magic (6) = 7. This is correct up to this point. Spellcasting rating comes from the Sorcery skill group. Note that if you go into Active skills and increase the Sorcery Group rating at this point, it correctly increases the dice pool of the Spellcasting skill. Make sure the sorcery group is set back to 1 before proceeding.

6) Add an optional Further Education module of Ivy League University (Magic). Note that this increases the Sorcery Group rating to 2, and Spellcasting dice pool is correctly reflecting 8 (2 + 6).

7) Increase the Sorcery Group skill directly in the Active Skills tab. Note that increasing the Sorcery group no longer increases the skill rating of its component skills. For example, if you increase the Sorcery Group to 6, hovering over the dice next to the Spellcasting skill still displays a rating of 8 (2 skill + 6 magic) instead of the correct rating which would be 12 (6 skill + 6 magic)
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