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Old February 20th, 2019, 02:10 PM
Putting BonusFor.? tags on the hero does not make any sense to me. How would HL know which class or classes the tag was meant for. I am pretty sure you should be assiging the BonusFor.? tag to the class itself.

doneif (hero.tagis[source.WiSRules] + hero.tagis[source.WiSWeapons] = 0)

~ We're an NPC, and subject to feat taxes, so we're done
doneif (hero.tagis[WiSRules.PayFeatTax] <> 0)

~ Check if we're a Tempered Champion
doneif (hero.tagis[ClassVary.arPalTmpCh] = 0)

perform hero.childfound[arPalTmpCh].linkage[varies].assign[BonusFor.wsTempChamp]
Also instead of even using "BonusFor.?" each feat makes a tag called fInclude.? where ? is the Unique ID of the feat. So if I wanted to allow the choice of the Dodge feat as a bonus feat to a class I could just assign the tag fInclude.fDodge to the class.

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Old February 20th, 2019, 08:37 PM
Well, I was looking at the scripting in the custom ability that defines the two-weapon fighting for rangers, where it said this:

      ~ at level 6, we add more bonus feats available (we add them to ourself,
      ~ and then at First/1500, all fInclude tags are forwarded to the class)
      if (levels >= 6) then
        perform assign[BonusFor.RgrTwoW6]
I guess my misunderstanding arose from interpreting the comment "we add them to ourself" to mean the hero. I take it that it actually refers to the custom ability, which is attached to the class?

Even after working on it for a couple of years, I have to confess that my understanding of Hero Lab's data model is shaky at best. Most of the time I just go look up something that does something vaguely like what I'm trying to do and try to figure out how it does it. In this case, that didn't work out so well.

Thanks for the code, Shadow -- it worked very nicely. I still need to figure out how to mark them as bonus feats so they ignore pre-reqs like the fighter levels that the paladin doesn't have, but otherwise it's working.

EDIT: Well, I've gotten it to quit complaining about the missing fighter levels by adding this code to the mechanic:

if (#hasfeat[fwsWepFoc] <> 0) then
perform hero.child[fwsWepFoc].assign[thing.skipprereq]

if (#hasfeat[fwsGrWFoc] <> 0) then
perform hero.child[fwsGrWFoc].assign[thing.skipprereq]

if (#hasfeat[fwsWepSpec] <> 0) then
perform hero.child[fwsWepSpec].assign[thing.skipprereq]

if (#hasfeat[fwsGrWepSp] <> 0) then
perform hero.child[fwsGrWepSp].assign[thing.skipprereq]
That prevents errors after the feat has been chosen. But it still greys them out in the list of feats. I'm a little surprised that the "counts as fighter levels" bit wasn't implemented in the archetype. All of the variant feats in World is Square that require fighter levels are set up to call #featprereqlevelcount[Fighter] -- I guess I thought there'd be a select box or an eval script or similar that says "Levels of this count as fighter" that that macro would pick up on. But I guess not.

Oh well. If I want to make those feats appear to be valid choices again, do I need to tag the hero as being fighter level X? Or assign some tag to the feats themselves before they're selected? I'm not sure how to get at a feat before it's been picked ...

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