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Old March 18th, 2020, 10:01 AM
New Features
  • Adds a collapsible validation summary section to the side panel Character Summary view. This is the same information as displayed in the Validation Report window, launched from the top bar, but can remain open persistently for reference in the side panel while navigating/editing the character (the validation report window would need to be opened and closed)
  • Campaigns - When viewing a character on stage in the side panel, a miniature version of their stage row is shown at the top of the side panel view. This includes a wealth of information about their status on stage, as well as the ability to take stage actions, initiate quick edits (e.g. HP), and other commands (e.g. move the character on/off camera), without needing the stage in view
  • Campaigns - Adds a new "All" tab to the stage, which displays all character regardless of stage placement (Off Camera, On Camera, Out of Action) together, in initiative order if in tactical mode. This tab is now the default tab. The separated placement tabs remain available to filter your view.
  • Campaigns - Added a Stage Placement overlay for Off Camera and Out of Action characters, to more readily differentiate them from On Camera characters, especially when they are combined on the All tab. This is visible both on the stage views, and at the top of the Character side panel view for characters on stage.
  • Campaigns - Added a Stage Placement selector control to the Quick Edit popover from clicking a character portrait on stage. Also removed the now-vestigial ellipsis menu options that performed the same function, since this is a more natural place for them.
  • Campaigns - Adds a section for PCs from campaigns where you are a player to the main character selection view's Home folder, outside of campaigns.

Changes and improvements
  • Updates the headers on the character selection screen to be collapsible
  • Campaigns - Adds icons to the options in the Campaign left navigation panel
  • Campaigns - Adds a new "Settings" view to Campaigns
  • Campaigns - Moved the Campaign Patron settings from the Campaign Overview to Campaign Settings (more settings will be appearing here in the future).
  • Campaigns - SF - Adds a default surprise threshold of 20
  • Campaigns - SR6 - Adds a default surprise threshold of 3
  • Campaigns - Added a lightning bolt icon hint when the current turn character is on a different stage tab than the currently selected tab
  • Campaigns - Increased the contrast of the "Action Menu" (Lightning Bolt) button for the "current turn" character on stage
  • Campaigns - Changed the Out of Action icon from a Skull and Crossbones to a more abstract X, in order to not imply the character is dead (they may be unconscious, incapacitated, have fled, or otherwise no longer be involved in the scene).

Bug fixes
  • Fixed buy form being overzealous about limiting stack quantities of certain purchases (e.g. SR6 Arrows)
  • Fixed stage tabs not correctly counting the number of individual characters when minions were involved
  • Fixes "Character update resulted in no changes" warnings that would sometimes appear when multiple tabs were open and the character being updated had minions
  • Fixes a performance issue with opening the details of a item or other selected option on characters
  • PF2 - Fixes some block titles being too low contrast and hard to read
  • Campaigns - Fixes "Engine exception for Get_Stage_Json" errors
  • Campaigns - Fixes stats for characters in different groups on stage not aligning
  • Campaigns- Fixed Out of Action characters being eligible to be considered the current turn character
  • Campaigns - Fixed characters being incorrectly highlighted as the current turn character (e.g. players might see a different character as being current turn character, when the actual current character is off camera. In such cases, the players will see no current turn character).
  • Campaigns - PF2 - Adjusted the highlight color for the "current turn" character on stage, which wasn't constrasting enough with the background

Game Mechanics
  • PF2 - Relic Aspects and Gifts can now be added to most gear.
  • PF2 - Added a new Hazard character type.
  • PF2 - Added the hazards from the core rulebook and the gamemastery guide to Hero Lab's character vault.
  • PF2 - Added the NPCs from the Gamemastery Guide's NPC Gallery to Hero Lab's chracter vault.
  • PF2 - Added the afflictions/diseases/drugs from the Gamemastery Guide, both as Affliction adjustments and in the case of poisons and drugs, as purchasable items.
  • PF2 - Added support for Relics to magic items.
  • PF2 - The Continual Recovery, Craft Anything and Divine Guidance feats were not showing in the abilities list on the Play tab.
  • PF2 - For a custom NPC, the "New Abilities (Unique to this race)" was not allowing an action type to be chosen and not allowing the description text to be filled in.
  • PF2 - Several archetype dedications from the Lost Omens World Guide were incorrectly reporting an error message about needing two trained skills.
  • PF2 - If the Alchemist Dedication feat was taken via Ancient Elf heritage it was incorrectly giving 20 batches of infused reagents.
  • PF2 - The Prepare Batches button for alchemists on the Equipment tab has been temporarily removed. It was unfortunately causing significant issues, and we hope to have a fix for those issues soon, but in the meantime, the button needed to be removed. In the meantime, the table now allows users to manually add the items they have created.
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