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Old February 6th, 2018, 11:51 AM
Version 2.6 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available! This release adds material from AAW publishing as well as various bugfixes and enhancements.

New releases
Enhancements &amp Changes
  • Memberships have been added. Now you can designate groups your character is a member of on the Background tab.
  • Racial and class abilities can now set up alternate Armor Class calculations.
  • Spellcasters now show the DC and attack values for their spells on the play tab on the iPad, and can roll their attacks.
  • A character's proficiency bonus is now shown on the play tab on the iPad, and can be rolled.

Bug Fixes
  • Pressing the "Ready Action" button on the Tactical Console wasn't properly flagging the character as "Readied". (Note that readying an action in 5e doesn't change your initiative order when you act, so HL just displays a note in the character summary when you ready an action.)
  • A bard using the proficiency dice and background proficiency was displaying the proficiency dice on all skills.
  • Movement speeds such as burrowing or flight are now displayed under the creature's ground speed on the basics summary pane.
  • A custom monster built using levels instead of HP from their race would raise an error.
  • Cantrips added using the Pact of the Tome weren't being displayed on the printed character sheet.
  • Unarmored Defense, Draconic Resilience, and Natural Armor now stack correctly.
  • Spell attack values and the proficiency bonus are now displayed on the iPad app.
  • The Duelist combat style was adding its bonus to equipment sets even when there was a second weapon equipped in the equipment set.
  • A one-handed weapon that is not light no longer displays its off-hand damage and attack on the printed character sheet.
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