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Old April 8th, 2023, 10:49 AM
I'm working on a template for a were-gorilla, based on the standard werewolf one. Everything is working nicely, with one exception: when I tick the box for their animal form, the character's weapons get disabled. A little paw icon appears by any weapon the character has, mousing over it pops up a message saying "While you are polymorphed this item is melded into your new form and cannot be activated" etc. I've attached a screenshot.

The problem is that this doesn't actually make sense in this case. Yes, apes are animals. Yes, the character is polymorphed. But apes still have hands. There's no reason someone polymorphed into a gorilla should lose their weapons.

Interestingly, this is not an issue with the hybrid form. When I activate that version, the weapons continue working normally.

Is this controlled by a tag? If so, which one? I spent some time looking at the Hero tags debug panel, and found three likely candidates:
  • Hero.LyAnimal
  • Hero.PolyMelded
  • Hero.PolyNoArm

Plus the procedure LycanForm sets the hero field tNumHands to zero, which is usually true of lycanthropes, but not in this case.

I tried writing a script running immediately after the main lycanthropy stuff runs which deleted those three tags and set tNumHands back to two. I also added the tag Hero.PolyResize at the same time, having observed that tag added to the hero when in hybrid form. None of this helped.

It might be a timing issue. Maybe I was adding those tags too soon, or too late. So I generated a timing report and spent some time wading through it. It might have useful information in there, but with just over 187,000 lines of XML it's pretty unwieldy. Around line 2774 I found this:

<name name="Polymorph Helper Disables" full="Thing xLyChange: Polymorph Helper Disables"/>
Around line 2774 of the report, but that's still part of the names section of the document and doesn't actually specify a timing.

What do I need to be looking for here?
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