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Old July 26th, 2015, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by MaxSupernova View Post
Okay, I'll be perfectly honest and say that my first reaction to that sentence in the email was:

They're talking about limited coding resources, and too much to do, and they spend time adding hooks for an uber-expensive soundboard thingy that I'd be amazed if 1% of their users will use?

There are so many major features that are incomplete and they are announcing this.

Sorry, I felt that this was totally tone-deaf to the community and a bit of a kick in the ass.

I've resigned myself to sitting and waiting for this program to be more useful, but that caused my expectations to take a step backwards, not forwards.
That's quite an assumption!

This is something we designed in from the early days as a mechanism through which we'd provide integration with lots of apps, including VTTs. It's the same mechanism we've outlined to the d20Pro folks and other VTTs in our discussions with them.

Because it was already baked into how things work, we spent more time coordinating with the Syrinscape folks to get them clear on how to make it happen from their end than we did in the code on our end. Since Syrinscape happened to be the first folks ready to test out integration, they got the joint press. I expect one or more of the VTTs to have similar integration capabilities later this year, and we think we can leverage the same basic mechanism under the covers for something else tied to the Content Market.

Overall, we spent a few hours on this, including testing and verification.

As I have asked many times before, please do NOT make assumptions. Ask for clarification, and we'll do our best to provide it. There are lots of things in software (RW in particular) that appear easy and are actually extremely complex. There are similarly lots of things that appear complex and are actually quite easy. This happened to be one of the easy ones, mostly because we'd already laid the foundation for it early on, so we added it quickly and painlessly.
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