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Old July 4th, 2005, 05:11 PM
NOTE! I made this into a separate thread so that it wouldn't be lost under
the original thread. I felt this was important, since it's been a couple
weeks from the original post.

Here's a trick you might try....

You currently have two separate links for the "Speed" gift. One that is
mirrored and the other that is user-selectable for the champion. Make the
user-selectable link simply select via a script the link that is mirrored.
The user-selectable link would need to map to a different option for this
to work, and it would ideally be assigned a "show" state of "design". This
way, everything ought to work exactly as you want it to.

You could also invert the above logic. The mirrored link would simply
auto-select the user-selectable link within the champion. Then you could
have the mirrored link be hidden, so the user only ever sees the one link.
If the option is taken in the parent unit, the child mirrors it, which
forces selection of the alternate option within the child.

Hope this helps,

>At 06:38 AM 6/15/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>and another ...
>make mirroring more flexible if poss. Currently you can mirror in a
>linkset option setting to the state of the parent selection with the
>nature set to auto.
>However if there was a way that the user could still select that option
>independantly of the parent selection, but if the parent selection state
>changed, this did not impact the user selection on the child. Maybe this
>could be achieved by adding an combo box similar to the parentreq option.
>As a game example the possessed marines in chaos 40K have a list of 5
>gifts they can choose from the main list of about 12. Every member of the
>squad must have the same gift, so the squad champion who is an upgraded
>squad member must also have the same gift. However the champion can choose
>from the whole list of 12 gifts, so for instance a user may select
>daemonic fire for the champion and speed for the squad, the champion then
>gets both. But the squad can have speed instead, which would then result
>in the champion having it selected twice.
>Currrently, with the option linkset set to auto, the user cannot select
>for the champion one of the gifts of the list the squad may have.
>Hopefully this makes sense - I have now got a work around but it can get a
>bit messy as well as quite a bit of script.

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