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Old October 3rd, 2014, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by AEIOU View Post
Life is filled with difficult choices. The more utility/use/pleasure I get from something, the more I'm willing to pay.

I used to justify purchases by comparing them to my cable bill. At $100/30, that's about $3/day. Will I get as much use from whatever I'm purchasing? Will it make me as happy? Will I save as much time? But of course, when using this comparison, can I afford another "cable" bill...?

That all said, I do remember my high school and college days -- the first 10 years of my gaming. Every single dollar had to be accounted for and the simple pleasures simply didn't exist. A student or charter member rate would be appreciated that offers minimal access and support. Build a loyal base and they may surprise you....
I ditched my $168 cable bill, not worth the cash. I replace it with 7.99 netflix. So I have a few extra bucks a month to spend before I surpass it. However I also have a bad habit of buying more toys than I can easily afford, so I get it.

And yes I remember those days in school too, your allowance and paper route money didn't go far, however pen and paper gaming is a cheap hobby all things considered; cash outlay needed vs time enjoyed. I mean few books, pens, paper, dice, coloured pencils and your good to go, everything else is just nice to have.

But a cheap cloud solution could just be a big winner. Just think free is too much to ask.
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Old October 3rd, 2014, 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by Exmortis View Post
Asking for cloud storage for free in my opinion is unreasonable, this isn't Google or Microsoft.

Just use the backup option, it is not LWD's responsibility to provid free backup services for RW. Store it on a NAS, or CD, or USB stick, or external HD.

However maybe a cost reduced cloud backup feature allowing only the owner to sync? that maybe a cool idea for those that never intend to use cloud sync to players. I think the player sync feature is truely one of RW's better options, but I also have a play group totally comprised of computer at the table users. Not everyone is going to be in that situation.
I believe you have misinterpreted my statement.

I'm not asking for "Free" cloud storage... If I buy a digital product, I expect to be able to download it whenever I need to or want to. They don't have to put a full copy into everyone's cloud storage account, just a link to the storefront showing that you purchased the content and are entitled to download your clean copy (read unmodified copy). If you modify/customize your purchase and later on loose it due to some unforeseen event then you are S.O.L. in my opinion as far as the modifications/changes go if you don't have the cloud to sync up to and/or didn't back up your data.

If you don't "Pay" for cloud storage you don't get to push things up to the cloud. But you should be able to pull down materials you purchased from LWD's storefront/exchange through a single mechanism which in my opinion would be the cloud.
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Old October 5th, 2014, 05:49 AM
Originally Posted by Acenoid View Post
1) Ensure offline compatibility for manipulations of the database (e.g. copying data / tags / categories between realms)
Copying structure (categories, tags, etc.) will be fully supported offline at some point. It's simply a question of when. You'll see this in the upcoming survey.

Copying content without the server carries with it some significant limitations. Copying an entire realm is quite doable. Copying subsets of content is significantly more complicated due to all the interconnections between things, so this is where the limitations will be incurred. The big complication is that anything that gets copies has to be done in a way that is 100% guaranteed to sync up to the server cleanly, and that's where the limitations will arise. You'll also see this as an option in the survey.

Originally Posted by Acenoid View Post
2) I would like to be able to buy / download and install cloud content w/o having a cloud subscription.
Our current vision for how purchasing content will work ought to accommodate this request cleanly.

Originally Posted by Acenoid View Post
3) This would be probably too much to ask for a non-cloud user: Web viewer via direct ip link (so this would be equal to my own server where players could connect to to look.
This is well outside the scope of what we're striving to do with Realm Works. It would entail many months of work and take us completely off-track from our other goals, so it's not something we'll be looking at doing. This set of features is specific to the cloud.
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Old October 15th, 2014, 12:52 PM
Thanks for the response rob and everyone else.

1) -> Glad that the copying structure features will be generally available! I'm excited to fill out the survey.

2) -> Great

3) This is understandable. I also want to let you know that I would buy the cloud service, if would knew that any of my players would use it. But they are not very tech-friendly, so I would just synch data with myself, which defeats it's purpose
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