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Old February 3rd, 2013, 12:34 PM
Hi, I'm Jon and I'm an RPG addict! I will limit this to Alternity, though.

I got Alternity when it came out and loved it. I have played it off and on since then and each time have been reminded of how good of a system it is for me.

About a year ago, my group started trying different systems and we used Alternity for a fantasy campaign. That campaign fizzled for various reasons but the players liked Alternity enough that we decided to use it again, instead of switching systems as we had been doing, for the next game. We ended up defining a more supernatural version of Dark*Matter and going with that.

At the same time, while there have been some really good character generators created, they aren't supported anymore or didn't do exactly what I wanted them to do. So I decided to make it in Hero Lab with the Authoring kit. I started last September or so and recently got to a point where it will help create a character. And that's why I decided to release it.

I still have lots to go on it and I do plan on doing regular releases. I have entered a lot of data to help make other PL heroes possible for the next release. My overall goal is to work on making it possible to make a character with the information from the PH first. Once that is done, then I will start adding in the extra settings and data sourcebooks as well as the ability for users to use the Editor and create their own.

So, that's me and that's my plan! Thanks to Lone Wolf for letting me use their updater! And for the very nice exposure in the January 2013 newsletter! I was very excited and awed by it!

If anyone has any questions, let me know!


aka evildmguy
aka edg
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