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Originally Posted by ich.pdf View Post
I don't have the books with me and because it is not herolab related, it actually does not belong her, but I am just thinking right now:

Does it say anywhere that a master cannot be a slave himself? If not, why should an RCC not be a slave of a cyberdeck/commlink? I see, that both devices are intended to have a matrix connection, but it says nowhere that this connection got to be an immediate one (I think).

Well, at the first glance it looks like a nifty workaround, on the second it's maybe just contra rules and only viable as a house rule. :-D
Originally Posted by SR5p233
Only devices can be slaves, masters, or part of a PAN.
A Commlink, Deck, or RCC are all devices, so can be master or slave.

That said, slaving them does not automatically mean you get to use all of the abilities of both devices. You / your persona are only logged in to one of them. There is zero distance.

Originally Posted by SR5p268
security spider. They slave their RCC to the building’s host and connect to the entire security system, including all of its slaved drones. When you’re inside a host, your effective “physical distance” to drones slaved to that host becomes zero.
If logged into the RCC, it can use the Firewall of the deck/link for defense/resistance rolls (if that is higher). I can also use the device rating of the deck/link instead of the rating of the RCC, or the appropriate user attribute. However, the user can not perform actions using the attack or sleaze attributes of the (master) deck. Any more than a user logged in to a commlink can use the attributes of the host they are currently in. It is right there, you can see it, but it is not yours to use.

If logged in to the deck (ignoring commlink as master for now), the same in reverse is true. You can not directly use the capabilities of RCC. It is all connected / zero distance, but I think (for example) the ability to jump from one drone to another is not available. You would have to exit the drone (back to the RCC) then enter the next drone. You need to be logged in to the RCC to take advantage of the parallel connections it has, which allow jumping straight from one drone to another. You can tell/command the RCC to do things, (like changing some configurations), but it is not *you*, like it would be when logged in to it.
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