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Old January 5th, 2012, 10:53 AM
Version 1.17 of the Shadowrun files are now available. This update is primarily a bug fix update, but it also allows you to create spirits without first creating their summoner, have IC that's running on a node, rather than the commlink of one of the security spiders, add a drone without its rigger, or add a sprite without first creating a technomancer. To use one of these options, on the configure hero form, change "Type: PC" to one of the other options. Once you do so, when you go to choose a race for your character, the list of races you'll see will be appropriate to your selection - a list of spirit races, or a list of vehicle chassis, for example.

Here's the change list for this version, copied from the FAQ:
Enhancements & Changes
  • The toxin, pathogen and radiation resistance dicepools are now calculated and displayed.
  • The Ocular Drone now adds its vehicle stats.
  • Added a new Advancement Karma Cost adjustment to the Permanent Adjustments table that can be used to change the amount of karma paid for an advancement.
Bug Fixes
  • Integral folding stocks were not being displayed among a weapon's modifications.
  • The Browse program was using the Computer (Browse) skill instead of the Data Search skill.
  • The skills added by the Targeting and Maneuver forms on a sprite were generating errors they shouldn't be generating.
  • Bioware no longer allows any computer-based modifications like Sim Modules or Signal booster modules, and does not show a table for programs.
  • Gear with a lot cost (like 3 / 100Y) now displays its price properly while you're choosing what gear to purchase.
  • Adding a new Complex Form as an advancement was generating a number of errors.
Data File Authoring
  • Added the Simple tab to the editor. Simple items have no built-in behaviors of their own, so they're useful as helper objects for other things.
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