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Old August 31st, 2009, 03:17 PM
I'm entering Ranged Disarm now Complete Warrior page 103

I'm trying to modify the Power critical code i've already tinkered with to show a drop down list for ranged weapons only.

This is the Eval rule script i'm trying but i get a syntax error message, I'm hoping its just the wTypeRanged tag that is incorrect, as I'm guessing at the format required from Graceful edge which was another one of my posts on feats!

 ~if a weapon's been selected for this feat
      if (field[fChosen].ischosen <> 0) then
        ~look through all the weapons
        foreach pick in hero where "component.BaseWep"
          ~if the weapon is the one we picked
          if (compare(eachpick.idstring,field[fChosen].chosen.idstring) = 0) then
            ~then we're good if it is a ranged weapon
            validif (eachpick.tagis[wTypeRanged] <> 0)
            ~otherwise specify the error messages
            @message = "Ranged Disarm taken without a Ranged Weapon for " & eachpick.field[name].text & "."
            @summary = "Ranged Disarm taken without a Ranged Weapon."
      ~if nothing has been selected for this feat, we'll let other rules handle that
        @valid = 1
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Old August 31st, 2009, 03:30 PM
There is no wTypeRanged tag in HeroLab - that's 11 characters long and tags cannot be more than 10 characters.

validif (eachpick.tagis[wCategory.Range?] <> 0)
That will catch both wCategory.RangeProj and wCategory.RangeThrow
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