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Old August 19th, 2009, 08:23 PM
I went through the Magic items in HL to do some editorial work. These are the errors I found, most are minor formatting issues for descriptions, but a few are functional problems.

Mask of the Mantis has description formatting issues.
Plaguebringer's Mask has description formatting issues.
Reaper's Mask has description formatting issues.
Portable Stalactite has description formatting issues (in the bottom, crafting req section).
Potion of Protection from Arrows 10 and 15, and Potions of Protection from Acid/Cold/Fire/Electricity/Sonic and Potion of Resist XXX 10/20/30 have description formatting issues. (It says " desc: " at the beginning of each.
Maleficus Spike has description formatting issues.
Robe of Eyes is not giving +10 to Spot
Lapis Camel has description formatting issues.
Obisidian Steed is missing a large portion of text in it's description.
Ring of Spell Storing, Minor has MAJOR description format issues
Ring of Wizardry (all levels 1-4) has MAJOR description format issues
Rod of Enemy Detection has description formatting issues
Staff of Heaven and Earth is priced incorrectly (a steal at 26 gp!)
Staff of Power has description formatting issues.
Staff of Swarming Insects has description formatting issues.
The Impossible Eye has a name Mispelling, currently is "impossible", should be capitalized.

Finally, I remember already mentioning this one before, but it is still not fixed, so I thought I would bring it up again.
Ring of Energy Resistance has MAJOR description format issues, and only the Minor version is currently in HL (not the moderate or Greater versions).
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Old August 20th, 2009, 04:12 AM
You must have been up late Lawful_g. lol

I did detect an error as well, with the Shield Specialization feat it doenst allow you to select a shield type.

On a side note, with errors that are discovered, how would the Hero Lab folks like us to inform them about it? A special forum just for reporting bugs might not be a bad idea. It would keep the other forums from getting clogged up with error reports and would also give the HL folks a central location from which to work from.

Just a though. Thanks.
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Old August 20th, 2009, 10:20 AM
I'll look into all these after doing more Pathfinder work.

Having the bug reports in the game's forum is easier to check. Not every user would see that there was a separate bug reports forum for each game, so bug reports would still be posted in the main forum. Therefore, someone trying to figure out if their bug report had previously been posted would have to check both forums. Also, bug reports in a central forum wouldn't always be labeled with the game system they applied to, which means we either guess or ask.

Just create a new thread for bug reports - perhaps something like "Bug Reports: Magic Item descriptions"
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