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Old December 1st, 2017, 04:09 PM
Hi all!

I'm a veteran GM of 35 years experience and a professional board game developer who has just found the works of Lone Wolf and fallen in love. I've been reading up on the features of the products, history of development, and trying to catch up on the state of the forums. I've binged watched tons of videos (thank you so much in particular to Mr. Plunkett, your work is appreciated) and read several guides.

I snatched up Hero Labs with the limited 5e SRD and got myself situated with the Community Pack right away, and the program and content are just what I needed.

I eagerly jumped into Realm Works. Though I was sad to see the immense work put into some published campaign settings could not be shared (i.e. Mr. Plunkett's massive Faerun setting), I could understand the reasoning. However, I still had the expectation that I could find the appropriate 5e content for the mechanics area in Realm Works, but that does not seem to be the case.

Is the intent that everyone who is using Realm Works for 5e mechanics content types it in themselves? I've looked through the Realm Works Community Content spreadsheet but don't see critical elements such as monsters, spells, or rules. Am I missing a download somewhere? Has the export/import feature arrived so recently that a full community pack has not been put together yet? Is there a licensing issue that hinders community sharing in Realm Works while encouraged in Hero Lab?

From reading the forums, I'm getting a nebulous feeling about the content manager and Paizo that might have something to do with the limited access to sharing content, but I don't know. Is there a WotC concern about sharing content? If so, how does Hero Lab (by the same developer) have a community pack with tons of content from the books posted not only the forums put mentioned on the official developer site? Am I comparing apples to oranges, because I can't reconcile in my head why I can have instant access to every spell and character ability in Hero Lab but not monsters, items, rule snippets, and the very same spells in Realm Works.

Should my expectations be that I enter all the weapons, armor, magic items, hundreds of spells, hundreds of monsters, and rules snippets either all at once or as needed as I add them to my campaign....just as I'm sure others have already done in the past? This seems like a tremendous amount of duplicate work for us as a community, and seems like there should be a better way.

Am I missing something or should I buckle down, pay my dues like everyone before me, and start entering all this 5e content from my books?

Thank you,

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