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Old November 26th, 2017, 12:21 PM
I finally got the opportunity to get back to this, and I am hitting a wall again. Currently Skill Specialties added via the form accessed from the Skill add a pick to the skill, and a tag on the Skill. The Eval statement on Specialty also forwards the tag down so that it reaches the Hero. Similarly, Specialties added via the Background, Command Package, and Sophont items add a tag to the Hero and a pick. Now the catch is, I'm really not certain how to get the two to mesh together.

When all of the Specialties were being pulled from the Skills and their gizmos, the code to display a list of them on the Skill Summary space went like this:
var skillText as string
foreach pick in hero from Skill
  foreach pick in eachpick.gizmo from Specialty
    ~ debug eachpick.field[spcTabName].text
    skillText = skillText & eachpick.field[spcTabName].text & "{br}"
@text = skillText
To instead display the items added from the background traits, it's the following:
var skillText as string
foreach pick in hero from Specialty
  debug "Specialty for summary: " & eachpick.field[spcTabName].text
  skillText = skillText & eachpick.field[spcTabName].text & "{br}"
@text = skillText
Yes, I could probably do both and just concatenate the text, but it's maddening that all of the tags are in one place (on the Hero), plus that doesn't fix how to get the form off of the Skill to pull in the items already on the player when deciding what Specialties can be added.

Worse comes to worse, I can go back to the way I was initially doing things where Specialties were picked out of a big table of all of the Specialties, not off of the Skills, which worked well enough, but that's not aesthetically pleasing to say the least.
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