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Version 2.5 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available! This release adds more material from Kobold Press and Rite Publishing.

New releases
Enhancements &amp Changes
  • Long description text (for example, the description text for a race) now includes its full details and no longer ends abruptly.

Bug Fixes
  • Racial spells were't displaying their spell info in the summary panel.
  • The Stealth bonus for goblins was wrong.
  • Stacks of items weren't displaying their weight correctly.
  • Gnomes, half-elves, and half-orcs were missing their size.
  • The homonculus was missing from the encounter builder.
  • The summary of the Disciple of Life ability referred to 2nd level spells instead of 1st.
  • The ettercap was missing its web attack.
  • Jack of All Trades and the proficiency dice option weren't interacting correctly.
  • A creation method that used an array of ability scores wasn't allowing an ability score over 15.
  • Intitiative now displays a * if it has a situational bonus.
  • Midgard kobolds were getting a +1 to Wisdom instead of Intelligence.
  • A gargantuan creature's space and reach weren't appearing correctly on the abilities tab.
  • Characters with spell points active were showing an error if they had unspent spell points.
  • If an NPC had a lot of spells, the spells table would run off then bottom of the racial spellcasting tab.
  • The Dragon Wings ability on the Draconic sorcerous origin had a typo in its summary.
  • The Quickened Spell metamagic had a typo in its summary.
  • Reading an action was changing a character's place in the initiative order on the tactical console.
  • A character with multiple spellcasting classes could lose access to their highest level of spells from a class that was a partial spellcaster, i.e. a paladin.
  • A mount or hireling for an Adventurers League character would show an error regarding attribute creation.
  • The <i>compulsion</i> spell was missing.
  • The ash drake from Tome of Beasts was missing from the encounter builder.
  • The swarm of beetles, swarm of centipedes, swarm of spiders, and swarm of wasps were missing form the encounter builder.
  • The summmary for the cleric's turn undead ability called for a Will save, not a Wisdom save.
  • Gear taken for proficiencies was adding to the character's equipment value.
  • Potions of giant strength weren't adjusting the character's strength.
  • The temporary ability score adjustment couldn't raise a player character's ability score over 20.
  • Item spells, racial spells, and spell-like abilities weren't being displayed on the iPad.
  • The barbarian's unarmored defense ability was stacking with the lizardfolk's natural armor ability.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the CRUp.ProfBonus and the CRDown.ProfBonus tags. These allow the adjustment of the creature's effective CR for the calculation of its proficiency bonus.

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