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Ok, so here's the code I'm currently trying.

  if (field[xIndex].value <= 1) then
        field[listname].text = "Claws 1d4"
      elseif (field[xIndex].value = 2) then
        field[listname].text = "Claws 1d6"
      elseif (field[xIndex].value = 3) then
        field[listname].text = "Claws 1d8"
      elseif (field[xIndex].value = 4) then
        field[listname].text = "Claws 2d6"
      elseif (field[xIndex].value = 5) then
        field[listname].text = "Claws 2d8"
        field[listname].text = "Claws 4d6"

      ~only perform the rest on the first copy
      doneif (tagis[Helper.FirstCopy] = 0)

      ~ Get our Claws pick, delete the damage tag from it, and assign
      ~ a new damage tag.
      var dice as string
      perform hero.child[wClaw].delete[wMain.?]
      if (field[xAllLev].value < 4) then
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.1d4_4]
        dice = "1d4"
      elseif (field[xAllLev].value < 8) then
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.1d6_5]
        dice = "1d6"
      elseif (field[xAllLev].value < 12) then
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.1d8_6]
        dice = "1d8"
      elseif (field[xAllLev].value < 16) then
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.2d6_104]
        dice = "2d6"
      elseif (field[xAllLev].value < 20) then
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.2d8_204]
        dice = "2d8"
        perform hero.child[wClaw].assign[wMain.4d6_106]
        dice = "4d6"
      field[livename].text = field[name].text & " (" & dice & ")"
I've also had the wClaw set to the id cStoNatAtt which is the special ability in the class that bootstraps wClaw.

At level 10 the damage should be 1d8 which the attached picture shows that the label is updated, but not actually the damage. So while I've gotten the damage to finally show up, its not properly scaling ... and there is supposed to be both a bite and a gore attack in there that are not showing up.
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