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I've started examining all the spells available from the Spell Compendium and tagging the correct sources from any duplicates found with the supplemental books. Removing the duplicated spells from the original files where necessary.

It's slow going as there are a lot of caster classes to query.
I think i've caught all the Divine Cleric spells that duplicate with Complete Arcane, Champion and Frostburn and have tagged them to the relevant sources. I've put a few modified files into the 1.5 folder.

However if anybody can find which source the 3rd lvl Blacklight spell is duplicated from i'd be grateful.
Either i'm too tired to see it or it's buried in a class, feat or other sundry file apart from the Spell compendium.

Unique id sWizBlaLig Darkness, Sorceror, Wizard from Spell Compendium
Unique id sWiz30046

Can't find the bold reference in any file!
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