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Release 1.5 - June 26, 2011

Enhancements & Changes
  • Dragon Monster Ecologies - Favoured spawn of Kyuss. (Bodrin)
  • Blood of Dragonscar - Necropyre template. (Bodrin)
  • Carnival of Tears - Dark Ice creature template. (Bodrin)
  • Complete Psionics - Mantle powers added. (Sendric)
  • Complete Psionics - Ardent and Divine Mind classes added. (Sendric)
  • Races of the Dragon - Dragon Devotee PrC added. (IamtheEvilTwin)
  • Monster Manual - Dozens of creatures, from C to Y, where added to the data set. (Lawful_G)
Bug Fixes
  • Magic Item Compendium - The Strongarm bracers now reduce the Oversize weapon penalty correctly. (bodrin)
  • Magic Item Compendium - Specific Weapons and relic items added. (bodrin)
  • Complete Adventurer - Natural Bond feat was not capping the bonus based on the character's hit dice. (Sendric)
  • Complete Adventurer - Brutal Throw feat is fixed to apply Strength bonus to the ranged attack value of thrown weapons. (ShadowChemosh)
  • Spell Compendium - Elf domain now grants the Point Blank Shot feat and as its list of domain spells associated to the domain. (ShadowChemosh)
Data File Authoring
  • Blank .user Files - Will now be removed from the end-gamers systems. This is a new feature of HL v3.7.(ShadowChemosh)
  • New book parent (ie Source) added called Paizo - Modules. (Bodrin)
  • Work has started on looking at all the spells available from the Spell Compendium and tagging the correct sources from any duplicates found with the supplemental books. Removing the duplicated spells from the original files where necessary. (Bodrin)
  • Feat Names have been changed to remove the book abbreviation. This was done as many feats are being found that exist in multiple books. Going by information from WotC the latest release of a feat, spell or ability is to be considered the most correct. So when duplicate entries are found for a feat it will be updated from the most recent book and source marked to both books. (Sendric)
  • Included in release 1.5 is the ability to suppress and replace creature types/subtypes. See the note in the MM - Creature types Compiled file.user. (Lawful_G).
  • Data set information page now included in the data set. This .html file is stored in the d20 data folder with the name ~ Lawful_G_d20 Release Notes.htm. (ShadowChemosh)

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