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Originally Posted by SirCuddleBeard View Post
This might also be a game changer for me as well...

Hero Lab online doesn't allow me to create shadowrun characters. or 5e. Just pathfinder and starfinder.

....just pathfinder...and starfinder...

I don't play either of those. And I have an incredible android tablet that I'd love to pull my characters up on.

Not trying to be mean or anything. But loyalty only goes so far... when something becomes more inconvenient than it is convenient...

I also have a surface.. I'd love to move HL to that, but I'm not buying a second license and I've not had success getting the second license for my surface.
They've said in the past that the ultimate plan is to get all the existing systems ported over to HLO. If they hold true to that, then Shadowrun will eventually be available for HLO, and your existing access to it should carry over, so you wouldn't have to buy it again. That's what they've been saying, at least.

What problems have you had getting your second license to work on your surface? I've had no issues with mine.
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