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Is is better to have a monster entry with a hero lab portfolio and have everything just link to that than to copy that portfolio to every scene in which the monster appears?

The organizer in me says, yes. But as a DM is much more convenient to have the portfolios available in the scene without having to navigate to a new page or open a new tab.

It appears, based on the default snippet language and how I'm seeing content-market content being organized, that when you add a HL portfolio to a scene that it is mean for handling multiple antagonists in one POR file, whereas individual monsters are to be linked with their individual HL portfolios embedded in that monster's article.

For example. In my "area" topics, I frequently have wandering monster tables. Below which I have all Herolab portfolio snippets, one for each potential monster encounter. Similarly, if there is a single monster encountered in a scene topic, I'll add a Herolab portfolio snippet for it even though that monster's name is linked to an article for that monster that contains the same snippet.

In a large realm, I am going to have a LOT of topics with goblins or skeletons, or similar frequently encountered monsters. Am I going to run into performance issues doing this?

Opening a new topic to get to the portfolio is not snappy in Realmworks. It is noticeably quicker to access the portfolio from the topic currently being viewed. So I'm hoping that this is fine, even if redundant.

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