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Originally Posted by marroon69 View Post
Hoping all is well just wonder and if there is a time frame or ETA? My group depends on Hero lab it seems and we are eagerly awaiting this release.
Well, since nobody else responded, you can see from this thread that CC, who is the main developer working on the SWADE update, had a dead computer last week that he was hoping to have fully rectified by now (and I'm hoping and assuming he has). That, along with the fact that the latest, greatest version of SWADE that actually is the one going to the printers wasn't even fully available until 2 weeks ago probably means there is still a lot of work to do to get SWADE into the LoneWolf approval process, then there is testing and such that has to happen from there before it can get to us. So I'd be surprised if we had anything before May. (Please note that I am not at all associated with LoneWolf and they have not put out any kind of actual schedule so that is strictly conjecture on my part and I would be WAAAY off from the actual timeline.)

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Evernight (LWD has completed their review but I have some fixes to make first... although Pinnacle mentioned this might get an overhaul to SWADE so I may just wait for that first. If you just HAVE to have this now, though, just PM me)
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