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Another Question.
As i am building this, i wanted to build some of the Pieces of Eden from Assassins Creed as Magical Items in 5e for this campaign. The Ring and Ankh were easy enough. But my question is for the Sword. In the description of the Sword of Eden, it grants the user enhanced charisma. I want it to grant a +2 bonus to Charisma Score when Attuned. How do i go about getting that? i know it has to be a custom Eval Script but like i've stated my scripting skills are pretty much non-existant. any help would be greatly appreciated as i work towards getting you all some homebrew content. thanks and have a great day
The script needs to run pre-levels/10000

      doneif (field[gIsEquip].value = 0)
      doneif (field[gIsAttuned].value = 0)

      hero.child[aCHA].field[Bonus].value += 2
This script is really simple. The first two lines stop the script if the item isn't equipped or attuned. The third line adds a +2 bonus to Charisma.

The problem is whether or not you're going to allow the item to break the soft cap of 20 for a score. If the sword will allow a PC to go above 20, you'll need to add a 4th line like:

hero.child[aCHA].field[aMaxValue].value += 2
Normally what I do when I need to make an item, I look for something similar and see how someone else did it in code and try to modify it. Sometimes the item isn't the same type, but the code is usually portable. The snippets of code above come from two different items, one is the belt of dwarvenkind (which adds 2 to CON) and the other from the belt of frost giant strength (which allows you to exceed 20).

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