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Originally Posted by BoomerET View Post
Would it be at all possible for you to attach the .user file you created?
When i get it all done, yeah i can. some of the stuff i got from the DND Wiki, and they have a TON of wonderful 5e homebrew stuff that i borrowed for my campaign and to tell you the truth, it helps me learn this whole programming thing, so one step at a time.

most of it is off the Wiki but a few things are my own. for example, i have a few Factions of my own that actually give you some benefits.

ORDER OF THE ROSE: (The first one i did)
the Order of the Rose (also known as Ordo Rosera), has been around for a few hundred years. it was designed originally to keep peace within the lands of man, but its hold spread far and wide to become a global force for good.
gaining access to this Faction grants 3 unique bonuses.
1: Unique Language: Ordo Rosera. A Mixture of multiple languages in only a written form, the language combines the forms of many races and even symbols and numerals to convey messages in a secret code. only those of the order know of how to read it
2: Skilled Feat: The training to get into the order provides 3 skill or Tool Proficiencies or any combination therein.
3: Sun Blade: Each member gains and is attuned to a Sun Blade, the everlasting symbol of the Order.

More will be added and have benefits similar to this format.

I think Joining Factions should have a bit more to them and you can only join one at a time anyway, so it still remains balanced in my opinion. but anyway, once the data is done, i will post it so you all can look at it and give me feedback. have a wonderful day.
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