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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post
You can try to adapt the scripting on the magical shield "Animated Shield". That magic armor allows you to equip an then when activated on the In-Play tab.

The most important line is probably:

perform hero.assign[Hero.ShldOffOK]
I think if you just put this line into an eval script with the same timing it should allow for an offhand shield but I haven't tested it...

EDIT: It works if you put that code above in an eval script running pre-levels 10000 on a copy of a non-magical shield. I would suggest putting after some doneif statments making sure its equipped and not disabled for some reason.
Hello again. this code that was given to me actually worked like a freaking charm. I am not ode literate so i'm kinda scratching my head on this stuff 99.99% of the time. But hey, if you never do, you never learn. thanks for it and have a great day.
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