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I just happened to be lucky enough to remember that similar code existed.

The buckler is pretty contentious with my gaming group - the rules lawyer says it shouldn't provide an AC benefit when someone is using a two-handed melee weapon. On the other hand, they are fine with it being used with two-handed ranged weapons, since historically that's what it's been used for.

The munchkins and power gamers want to be able to get that extra +1 regardless of equipment and do some interesting acrobatics at the table to explain how the buckler would work while swinging a maul or greatsword.

But that's just my table, we also have long arguments about whether a helm should be introduced as a separate item (given that magic helms exist in the DMG), where wearing one makes you resistant to critical hits from slashing, bludgeoning and piercing and gaze attacks, and with greathelms providing disadvantage to perception checks.

It makes for some interesting table talk.

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