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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
I can understand being unhappy with the wait for new features but why would you stop using RW to go back to things like that?
It's unusable at the table as it runs too slowly on my laptop. It literally takes minutes to open or switch to a new tab. I can't sync my realm because of a bug that's been reported a year ago, so I can't just export/import the relevant information into a new Realm.

Basically, I use the export tool from Farling to see my notes at the table in html format. I share images and maps with native Windows tools to a large TV screen instead of using RW.

Right now, I only use RW as a repository of information and for reference at my desktop. The linking is great for me in my large world. However, once we finish our campaign and move on, I doubt I'll use RW anymore.

EDIT: I don't use HL since it doesn't support my game system.

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