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An Ennio Morricone whistling western theme audiates ethereally within your skull as a tumbleweed dances across the path of Rone Barton. This gunslinger with the weird first name swaggers up to you wearing Navajo rugs for a shirt. That's literally all he's wearing. It's disconcerting.

He forks over a business card between two fingers reading only Have 4K Camera Will Travel.

They brought me in for this. This is what I do. Do I have IMDB credits? A couple. A TV development deal? Yep. Was I ENnie-nominated for three different RPG podcasts I hosted and produced? Many times. Atomic Array, Open Design Podcast, Iron GM Podcast. Won a gold once. They never nominated my RPG Countdown podcast but that's because they were scared of how good it was and that's why they're all up there on boot hill lying down on the wrong side of the lawn. But I digress.

Can I be the documentarian this wolf pack needs?!

Distant wolves howl en masse like a wind of rising expectation. However, it's the middle of the day. This might be a case of widespread rabies. Best we get inside. Now.

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