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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
I can understand being unhappy with the wait for new features but why would you stop using RW to go back to things like that?
It's not new features, it's not having even core content like the SRD for 5e, PF or any system in there without risking community content downloads from facebook or elsewhere. The alternative is cutting/pasting from PDFs (if possible), image sites and other places and spending precious time transcribing rather than creating.

So if I'm already having to cut/paste from somewhere else what use is RW to me? Why not just display images directly to the players on a second screen in a browser tab or just move the image window from Gimp or other image viewer over?

I can't say the same of my homebrew content but if I'm already committed to using (for example) FG to show the maps, images and keep track of other story content that I purchased once already - why not just spend the time putting the home content into the tool that I'm using at the table?

So, RW was OK for when I used it but it doesn't have any staying power right now. End of the day, it won't be able to catch up either. I can't afford to buy yet another copy of the Player's Handbook so that I don't have to switch between tools. RW promised to be the all-in-one campaign tool but after years without any product support I've had to invest in alternatives.

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