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Well, to be honest, it would be a smart marketing move. You have hundreds and hundreds of people in the Paizo room at GenCon playing games almost 24hr for 4 days.

Scene 1: sitting at the table with tablet running HLO on cell phone hotspot (or just on cell phone/etc)
"Whatcha got running there?"
"HLO. Pretty cool, you can view all your stuff and apply modifiers like this...hold on...sorry...hold...on 3g here in this! and then you can...hold minute....hold...."
"So you have to be online eh? Hmm, seems to be working um...great...ya..."


Free wifi:
"Whatcha got running there?"
"HLO. it's pretty sweet, you can see your feats here, and your gear here. And apply temp conditions here. Or look up that new item like this..."
"Nice. I'll have to check it out! How much is it?"

I mean, like, if you are going to be selling a product at a convention, SELL the product! Why would you do anything to not put you product in the very best light it can be in?

edit: I'm not saying that's not their intention, in fact it does seem to be what they are looking into...


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