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Originally Posted by Darkbagel View Post

I was referred here by Lone Wolf Support, if this is not the best place, please let me know and I'd be happy to try a different spot.

I play D&D 3.5 using the d20 SRD 3.5 in Hero Lab. Yesterday I updated Hero Lab and the d20 3.5 rules to the latest version. Later in the evening, I was fortunate enough for my Cleric to level up from level 4 to level 5.

Hero Lab correctly tells me I must add a 3rd level domain spell.

However, it will not let me select one. When I go to add the domain spell, my only option is "Custom/Metamagic Spell", and if I select that option, it will not accept it since it is spell level 0. (and needs to be 3rd level.)

The best option would be for it to offer the correct spells for my domains (which are Creation and Artiface). Failing in that, a custom spell would be okay, if it let me enter the spell name and level -- but it does not.

I'm running on Mac OS, Hero Lab version 8.3.
Are you using a replaced Domain? If you are, you will have to go and re-add the domain spells to that Domain, I had to do the same for this reason, as I couldn't get anything to show until I did.

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