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Originally Posted by Absintheminded78 View Post
OK, so, I think I can confidently say that it's an issue on my PC. Did two successful imports on my second PC running RW with files I created with Farling's tool - one using the containing article feature and one I did before that - both worked without issue.
So I think I need to nuke RW on my home PC, any ideas how to completely wipe it to start again?

Thanks for all the help guys and sorry for any concern caused Farling, it's a great tool and I'm loving using it

PS - Any good sources for CSV databases apart from
I suspect this issue may be due to some sort of corruption with your .NET Framework install on that computer. Several things to try:

1) Try and re-install the .NET Framework 4.0. An installer is available from here:

2) If that doesn't work or fix things, try this tool:

3) If that doesn't work, try the directions from this answer:

In a recent release of Realm Works, we started using a part of .NET that we hadn't used before during the import process. Some users have been having a problem with this that appears to be some sort of corruption of the .NET Framework on the computer.
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