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It is because you already have it in memory. Sometimes Hero Lab does not do well when you turn things on and off. My recommendation is to make a "Default Character" with all of the settings that you want in the Configure Hero already checked. Then close Hero Lab, open it again with that being loaded.

Alternately, go to Configure Hero and uncheck Modern. Then click on "Set Defaults". This way it will not load up with that naughty Modern being used. This is not a bad idea actually, then when you want a setting that has it, use a "Default Character for Setting X" as I mentioned above for your modern setting.

The issue is that the data is being allowed and disallowed in the memory space of Hero Lab. It is imperfect in how it updates, my guess is that it is a timing issue. But anyway, it is not a game breaker, you just have to plan ahead for it. If you preset the Configure Hero by campaign setting, especially if you open Hero Lab by double clicking on a character that uses it, you will avoid the above issues.

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