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More an annoyance, at least nothing crashes

To see the behaviour:

Inside the Configure Character box:
  1. Check Science Fiction Companion
  2. Check Show Cyberware
  3. Check Show Robots
  4. Check Medieval (players still wanted access to big swords)
  5. Uncheck Black Powder
  6. Uncheck Modern (this one is actually the key to problem)
  7. Uncheck Futuristic (just wanted stuff from SciFi Comp)
  8. Now click okay to make a character.

Go over to the Armory Tab.
  1. Click on Special Weapons
  2. Close Special Weapons pop up
  3. I get this error:

Hmm, is there a trick to get a DropBox image to show up? If you right-click and open in new window can see. But that is a pain, sorry.

After some testing, the offending item seems to be 'unchecking' Modern. If that remains Checked, I get no error. However, the point being, we don't want to use anything from the Modern setting, just the SciFi Companion, less clutter that way.

Looks like a few items are calling something from Modern? Any ideas?

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