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This is a rundown of how gestalting works.
  • Hit Dice: Best of Two Classes
  • Saves: Best of Both Classes
  • BaB: Best of Both Classes
  • Classes Skills: Take the higher of two classes Cleric/Rogue takes 8+int.
  • Combine the class skills of both classes.
  • Class Features: Take both, penalties of one apply to the other. Arcane
  • Spell fail applies to both, druid's metal restriction etc.
  • Class features that share a features share accrue at the faster rate (uncanny dodge).
  • More than one spell-casting class keep track separately.
  • A gestalt class cant combine prestige classes at any level but you can combine a base class with a prestige class. (Although some prestige classes should be prohibited, arcane trickster, mystic theurge, eldritch knight, etc.
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