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I am (as another user put it on another thread) over half a century old (btw, can't help resent the assumption that I am therefore not tech savvy), so you are probably thinking "Yeah, here comes someone who wants printing." If they provide that feature, I don't see me ever using it. Back in the pencil and paper days, the most frustrating thing was trying to keep track of all the reams of handouts. Hurray for the digital age! It is, in my opinion, far more useful to have hyperlinked information to bring up what you want, but that is just my two cents. If you can make the print-outs work, go for it. I was just never good enough (nor were my players) to figure out an organization scheme that actually worked.

Now what I do want is an xml export that can be wickered into Fantasy Grounds data module format (stand by, someone over 50 can code LUA!). That I'd really look forward to!
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