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Originally Posted by FifthWanderer View Post
One thing I'd like to see in Ream Works is the ability to output my campaign file to something that I can put on a flash drive and take to game. I could see this one of two ways:
  • Convert the file to a format that can easily be read by other programs, i.e a pdf or a set of html files.
  • A 'Reader' app that doesn't require installation and can open and display RW data files.

The reason I'm asking for this is that while I usually do my campaign work on one computer, I usually end up using someone else's computer at the table.
If it is like Hero Labs at all, I can see you needing the computer other then the one you have the software installed on, will need to have a licensed copy of the software too. But in that way you can transport the data files back and forth. I am hoping that with Realm Works that they will do the two license thing too in that way I am able to have it on my desktop and laptop and then purchase the extra licenses needed to provide my group with them too.
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