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Ok, I think I figured out a work around way to make it work. Takes a little more effort, but is working so far. Basically, instead of trying to bang my head against the wall trying to add multiple scripts to change one unit or item, I have duplicated the unit, and just changed the unique ID name to a one off name (adding a B or C to the end) and then just changing the tags associated with each.

For example with the Chevalier example above,
  1. I created 2 duplicates (unique IDs ChevalierB and ChevalierC)
  2. With the original one, I set the race tags to freelance and set the unique and max count to 1, and left it as a type:solo
  3. with ChevalierB I set the race tags to Overlords and onyx legion and removed the unique and max count tags, but left it as type Solo
  4. with ChevalierC, I set the race tag to onyx legion and removed the unique and max count tags, and changed the type to Elite. So this actually creates a second Chevalier in the Onyx Legion option list, but that is ok for this particular case.

And for multiple damage track models, I only had to duplicate the main track, and just left all duplicates pointing to the same subset track information, as they are not affected.

I ended up doing a similar work around with the items and spells that have different behaviors for different circumstances. Mainly cause for the most part it is a faction and non faction affect, so its not too much of a headache. If it were a case of having 10 different possible behaviors this would have been a pain in the butt and not an acceptible solution.
But, instead of changing the race tags, which obviously spells didnt have, instead I changed the CHILDVIS boolean tags to only include the right rosters and/or character types. spell version A might have had the boolean (roster.overlords | roster.ol_onyx | roster.ol_khard) to handle all situations inside faction, while spell version B would get (!roster.overlords & !roster.ol_onyx & !roster.ol_khard) to handle all the other casters outside these rosters.
I am going to continue to add a few more things and then will upload an update to the file above. I wil post again when a new version is up.
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