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Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
My group is generally strong in relation to what an adventure assumes.

We're using Spheres of Power, as the magic system.
That reduces flexibility once the character is made -- you've made your choices, and like a Sorcerer are locked into those, but the choices during creation allow far more character concepts and flexibility on that end of the game.
The players all seem to stack damage...

The martials are all using Path of War (and Expanded), and are probably hitting a little harder than the casters at this point.
The martial classes have less flexibility in what they can do, but in regards to killing things they're not behind the Spheres of Power casters by any stretch.

At level 11, they had no issues with three CR 18 monsters that were working together intelligently. Nor did they have much issue with eight CR 14s. In both cases, when they saw what the opposition had, they pretty much said... are you kidding me? But then at the end of the session, all the monsters are dead and none of the PCs are.

I open my adventure path encounter library, and save into individual portfolios. Those are put into Realm Works, so I can show the picture to the group and break the defenses/special attacks into snippets for revelation via Monster Knowledge checks. I usually give something to the monsters such as extra hit dice and two mythic ranks (the passives, not the active mythic power abilities) to melee type mobs. Caster type mobs either get ability focus and some hit dice or more class levels. That seems to be a good balance point.

Plus, having them saved as portfolios, makes it easier to find the encounter... I save them in folders by chapter and then name the encounter both a descriptive name and the page number of the PDF.
It doesn't look like your third party choices are limiting players as much as you would think
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