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On one machine where AB3 is loaded the Composition Summary view appears just above "Unit Options" panel and to the right of the "Roster" view panel. On the other machine where AB3 is loaded the only way I have been able to view the Composition Summary view is as a "Floating Info Window". I suspect that there is something a user can do to dock and undock the Composition Summary view, but it is not readily apparent how to accomplish the task. There are many such examples of where the procedure for the viewing of or changing of information is less than intutitive. I can remeber that once I found a way to create a Unit Name and enter some Unit Notes only to have great difficulty remembering exactly how I had done it in the first place. It took some time to happen upon the solution again.

The AB3 user interface should be a little more user-friendly in such cases, especially compared with the AB2.2c user interface.
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