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Originally Posted by killing blow View Post
No, I pass on Adepticon. Several of my friends from the T.C. War room go every year and they keep asking me to go. Not that interested in it.

I go to "Blood in the Sun" and "Waaagh Paca" and I need to get back to "buckeye battles" one year also. I play in the GLWL here in Michigan too.

How about you? any other tounaments you go to?
Well I would encourage you to stop by Adepticon just to visit vendor row. I play with IWFB and have done Screw City prep events and also Waaagh Paca pre-games at our local game night with area several players. I am not a big tourny guy, I just enjoy my DoW's which dont get alot of tourney love Adepticon withstanding.
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