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Thanks for the rousing (but respectful) defense, everyone.

@ElterAgo As others have said, it may be that HLO is just not a good fit for what you/your group needs. We are a small company and cannot cover everything like the big corps (Apple, Google, etc) do. We've chosen to make HLO an online web application because it its the best compromise of use of our limited resources (mostly dev staff) and platform coverage (device types, screen sizes, operating systems, etc).

FWIW, no one is currently paying any service fee for HLO, and no one has for the years that it has been out. We won't be requiring that until after we make the Campaigns beta available in the near future, which we think adds loads of new features and functionality worth paying a few dollars a month for. Obviously you'll have to take a look and see if it is worth it for your case.

As for the offline use case, we have some ideas in the planning stages that will make HLO more useful in low/no connectivity cases. We don't have a timeline for these yet, but keep checking back to see how the product evolves (the newsletter is a good way to do that).
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