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kbs666, don't let RW not being high-DPI aware put you off from buying a high-DPI screen. At least realmworks doesn't "lie" about being high DPI aware. There are some apps that Windows things are and they just don't scale. They'll have VERY small text. Luckly there is only one app that I am having that issue with (I'm looking at you SpiderOak). With RW, it just isn't as crisp. The funny thing is, on an old monitor it probably would be normal, but when compared to everything else on a high-res screen, it looks rather faded. But it hasn't impacted my use the the program.

Word of warning: do not disable scaling on high DPI in compatibility mode under the program short cut properties. I will really mess up the RW display. Let Windows autoscale.

As for lowering the DPI, tere is no way I'm going to lower my brand new laptop's display to a much lower DPI just to make RW look more crisp. This display is SOOOO much better for video, for document markup, for graphics editing. It is a very noticeable improvement for most apps that can take advantage of it.

As for the Creators Update, I'm not brave. I'll let a few hundred thousand braver folks use the update for a while before I upgrade. It is nice that Microsoft is addressing this. It would be nicer if developers designed with high-DPI displays in mind.

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