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Originally Posted by Denricht View Post
And would it be possible to fix the pale master class cause it doesn't recognize the requirement of Vampiric touch and command undead.
I believe HL can't check if you know a specific spell. The class is coded to do the next best thing - it checks that you are an Arcane Caster with high enough level to cast both required spells. (2nd & 3rd level spells)
It is coded wrong though, since its currently looking for a Hero that can cast 6th Level Arcane spells.

You can correct your version in the editor:
Open the editor, open "3.5 - Libris Mortis.user", go to the Class tab, Class Level tab, Pale Master.
Open "Expr-reqs" and change the first one to
tagcount[Hero.Arcane] >= 3 + 1
Don't forget to save the change, and save the file.

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