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I am attempting to create a Will-o'wisp PC race, and i have made some headway. I am trying to scale the shock natural attack by level and have gotten to the following code:

  var level as number
  level = herofield[tLevel].value
  var result as number
  result = hero.child[wUnarmed].delete[wMain.?]
  var dice as string

  if (level < 3) then
    result = hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[wMain.1d6_5]
    dice = "1d6"
  elseif (level < 5) then
    result = hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[wMain.1d8_6]
    dice = "1d8"
  elseif (level < 7) then
    result = hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[wMain.1d10_304]
    dice = "1d10"
  elseif (level < 9) then
    result = hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[wMain.2d6_104]
    dice = "2d6"
    result = hero.child[wUnarmed].assign[wMain.2d8_204]
    dice = "2d8"
  hero.child[wUnarmed].field[livename].text = "Shock " & dice
I have put this in an Eval with a phase: First and Priority: 500 and the code runs. The Unarmed Attack is Renamed to 'Shock 1d6' but the actual damage is unchanged.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this code?

Also, how do you remove the Strength bonus/penalty?

Thanks in advance
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