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Sry - Poor word choice probably conflated a few issues

1) my gaming group does not use the smart map feature at all (the big fog of war thing) because we could not figure out how to use it effectively at the game table - instead its faster and easier for me to make a "cropped" or "overlayed" picture from a ppt file and post that to a bulletin board to incrementally reveal a map for gameplay

2) when I draw atlas maps - I draw large scale maps and then zoom in to reveal more detail in the atlas data. using MSPaint and screen captures I make png files of the maps at various scales - then I add the png files as simple pictures to the tabs where the map content enhances the other content

3) I have not checked the size of my DB recently - I have a $900 office rigged laptop - synchronization and loading to/from the RW offsite storage take about 10 minutes now. My players complain about longer synchronization times because they don't update as frequently as I do. Without measurement - this 10-minute wait seems longer to me than it last year - before I started adding content more heavily.
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